I’m really glad that my ranting status on Facebook didn’t post earlier. It wasn’t anything improper, but still. I’m in a much more stable mood now. However, when I get to campus with thirty minutes to spare before class and I’m already in pain from walking the campus- do NOT just walk off from your job and ignore the fact that I am standing there for fifteen minutes waiting on a damned smoothie. Everyone around me was getting served by the two ladies working their asses off. Don’t get me wrong, I am understanding. Really. They were busy and probably tired as hell, but when this man just leaves!? I nicely informed one lady who jumped on making my smoothie and apologized for the delay. Not the way to start class by showing up a minute late with a very punctual professor, breathless, heart racing and pain radiating through my body.
On the upside, while I tend to dread the walk and lecture, it’s always worth the time with my professor. I haven’t ever been the most enlightened individual when it comes to current or past events. We’ve been studying the entire decade of the 60’s and I now I am much more informed. I understand the wars, the liberation for women, African Americans, gay pride, sexuality- everything that truly revolutionized society. I’ve watched people slaughtered, the student occupation movements, hippies, soldiers, etc. I feel better about myself, understanding more of what was going on and I’d like to re-watch this documentary again.
What I really love about this class is how open it is. Debates. Open discussion. We all provide our opinions and that’s all that matters. Brilliant…

I wanted to write more in depth about this, but I will try to find the documentary itself so that if you’d like to watch it, you are free. I know that I have some non- American viewers and we all tend to clash cultures. This may enforce negative views on American society, but I’d like to remind everyone, that humanity as a whole is at fault for any form of evil. There are some necessary evils, and at the same time every single case is up for debate. Either way, the structure of humanity is as simple as it is complex: we are all unique but also prone to light and dark. Every society has its many ills and not singular person is perfect.

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