All About Tea!


G’morning, readers!
I’ve actually been rather productive today and it’s not even eleven o’clock yet.

First thing this morning I attended my last appointment with my orthopedic surgeon! He has cleared me! I’m not allowed to do anything impacting (quick turns, slides, jumping, jogging, running) but I am cleared for low impact walking and such! Six to nine months keeping it really light and easy and then slowly building things up!:)

After leaving the hospital I grabbed more veggies and fruits and as I was getting my greens, an associate cleared his throat rather loudly and said, “Good morning!” I was a little taken off but smiled and said, “Good morning. How are you doing today?” At this point he leaned on his broom and said, “You know what?” I was scared that he was going to be one of those angry, sarcastic employees, but then he continued, “Thank you. No one ever asks me that and I just want to say thank you. I’m doing alright. I’m blessed. I keep praying and praying that the Lord blesses us with a good start to this year and that it will actually be a very good and successful year. It’s just got to get better… I’ll pray for you to have a good year, because we could sure use it.”
I smiled again and thanked him, telling him that I could use a better year and that I hope he did as well.  It wasn’t what I expected at all. A thank you was one thing, and many of us do or don’t believe in prayer, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is someone needed to be recognized as a human being rather than an occupation. Someone needed kindness and then returned such a kindness in the way they found appropriate.
Take a moment in every day to recognize your own worth, your impact and that others are human as well, with needs and wants. Take a moment for kindness.

Now! TEA!:)
There are so many ways to enjoy tea! I hadn’t even thought about tea popsicles until a friend on facebook mentioned her homemade popsicles for her kids (which, I totally need supplies for.) I love my tea any way and I love adding it to my recipes but what a wonderfully mad idea to make fruit and tea Popsicle!?:)
She said to get dixie cups with the wax coating and you can fill them up or slowly add layers of juice, freeze it, layer, freeze, etc, cover tightly with tin foil and place popsicle sticks in, trying not to make a hole too large. I plan to heat up some blueberries and mash them up in a white blueberry tea or a green tea and freezing them, as well as other teas later on.
Economical tea? SURE! Ever thought about cold brewing…?

Tea is extremely healthy for you when made naturally and not with artificial sweeteners or sugar. (Restaurant teas are loaded in sugars and aspartame is HORRIBLE for you.)
I use honey in my hot cups of tea and am going to wean off of the sugar by using fresh fruit in my tea to sweeten it. Just yesterday I bought almond milk to use in my tea and it’s surprisingly delicious! I haven’t tasted it plain yet, but it’s better than fattening cream in your tea.
How do you take your tea? Perfectly British or southern and sweet…? Any way that you go, I recommend vegan milks and natural sweeteners. You can take your tea any way that you like. We all have our preferences.❤
One thing to bear in mind is that hot tea can lower your blood pressure, so if you’re prone to syncope, treated or untreated, moderate how much tea you can handle and if you can handle it on the go.


                      Creativi-tea: Having more creative ability while drinking tea.

Prosperi-tea: The condition of having good fortune while drinking tea.

Sereni-tea: The absence of stress while drinking tea.

Simplici-tea: The appreciation of life’s little moments while drinking tea.

Tranquili-tea: The state of peace while drinking tea.

Sensualli-tea: The art of being romantic and intimate while drinking tea.

Humili-tea: Reviewing your personal greatness while drinking tea.

Par-tea: Enjoying good friends, good food, good times while drinking tea.

Hones-tea: Telling your friends the truth while drinking tea.
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