A spot of tea and a little about me…

I'm bored 014

I am far from the average girl…

I love photography (by the way, what is on my blog is my intellectual property not to be stolen or used in any way without my consent), art and movies. I love ballet, but really it’s the fluid movement and the swan like figure splayed across black and white that moves me. I’ve always wanted to display such beauty and finesse…something beautiful at all.

I may possibly have a slight flare for the living dead. Really, they terrify me and the thoughts of a super plague, etc is one of my many, acute phobias.  Maybe I’m into zombies because brains fascinate me, ie. neuroscience/psychology…maybe I’m just twisted.

I may also have a bit of a scholarly addiction. I’ve studied various programs and would love to continue learning over the years.

I’m a Flexitarian and bibliophile…but that flexes as well…

Animals are amazing and if they will love me, I will love them. My pets are my life and when it comes to their absence or loss there is nothing that can heal that kind of hole once it has been punched into your heart.

I should broaden my brain pan, but I ruin it with fantastic television (NOT reality television… The kind that makes you think or at least entertains on an intellectual level. Okay so it isn’t really intellectual tele either, but I’d rather spend hours drowning in Archer, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural and so on, instead of something like Jersey Shore or whatever this “Honey BooBoo” is associated with.)

I love conventions and exploring the many possibilities of the universe and entertaining abstract notions. My dream is to attend Dragon Con and Comicon.

I have so many dreams…right now, they are blurred and seem impossible…but I know that somehow, they are still out there…just a bit soggy and indiscernible…

This blog is all mine- all about me.

This is my chronicling of my life and what I find interest in.

Some days there will be recipes or books reviews or actual thought with some potential depth. Some days I will just simply write what I feel whether someone finds it interesting or not. I will complain. I will write in a fevered rush as I am inspired or have time and while I detest typos, dear god I will make a plethora. I don’t read my posts- I just post them and hope that they make some sort of difference and that someone can identify.

I also have many chronic illness’s and suffer a few mental disorders…

In advance, I would like to ask that you forgive the possible ADD moments, the manic and depressive states, anger,  physiological pains and sickness…

These are the things that have dominated my life.

These are the things that I have allowed to poison me and my life.

These are the things that on one hand, I can’t help but push through or fall from (physiological) and on the other, there are things that I have fully plunged so deeply into that I’ve lost everything important in my life that I can not get back (mental…)




I am the girl who “chased the rabbit, drank the wine and took the pill…who’s locked herself in limbo to see how it truly feels.”

My name may not be Alice, but it’s time to work through this madness.


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9 thoughts on “A spot of tea and a little about me…

    • Hello!

      That is absolutely sweet of you! I honestly don’t know who/if my ramblings reach/help anyone, so thank you for the comment and nomination! I haven’t been online in ages, so I’m navigating my way around the site again.

      Sincerely, I appreciate your time and your thoughtfulness.

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